Marketing designed to get people talking about your professional services.


Starting your own practice is hard.

Running a practice, while trying to grow it, is hard.

Being good at what you do, and getting better at it, while trying to learn sales and marketing, is not only hard, it is nearly impossible.

You have goals for your practice. Mastering your craft is more important to you than trying to figure out all this sales and marketing stuff.

So I am confident that we can help you do three things:

  1. Grow a more profitable practice.
  2. Eliminate wasteful spend in time and/or money, chasing sale and marketing tactics that don't work.
  3. Enjoy a more balanced lifestyle.

Founder and CEO

"If you are looking for a quality, trustworthy marketing consultant; then speak with Vincent Messina of Otimo.  A professional with high integrity and heeps of knowledge about online marketing."  
Dr. Janice Spada, DMD
sales and marketing for a CPA
“We knew, in order to achieve our firms growth objectives, we needed a different approach to sales and marketing, but really didn’t know where to begin. We made the decision to hire Otimo because we realized our expertise is in accounting, not sales and marketing. We wanted to spend our time developing our expertise and serving the needs of our clients. We wanted to work with people who understood our industry.”  
Ann Irons, CPA

We apply sales and marketing best practices to help you achieve your goals... because you want to focus on doing what you do best.