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Hello, My Name is Vin Messina...

I started Otimo in 2009 because...

  • From as far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to start my own business
  • I had, and still have, a desire to help other business owners, like you, grow

I have an undergraduate degree in Industrial Management from the University of Lowell and a Masters in Accounting from Bentley University.

My work experience includes everything from practicing as a CPA, selling big business software for companies like Oracle and now, starting, running and growing a small professional services firm.

If you want to learn how I can help you grow, check out The Beanstalk.

To contact me, shoot me an email at vmessina@otimollc.com.


How is my experience relevant to you?

Better Business Decisions

I have two business degrees. I have worked in the back office and front office of businesses of all sizes. I have sold solutions to businesses that cross every function imaginable. I have seen both the good and the bad side of business as well as good and bad decisions. I have made them all as a business owner myself. If there is one thing I bring to the table it is the ability to help you make better business decisions. 

Immediate Results

When I say immediate what I really mean is not 10 years. Everything takes at least a little time, even when you do it right. What I will help you avoid is the delay you will experience trying to figure out what I have already figured out from over 20 years combined of both business education and experience. 

Avoid Wasting Time and Money

When you have to learn how to run your business you take time away from developing your skills as a professional. This cost you money. You also, in many cases, will fail in order to succeed as a result of having to figure out how things actually work. Well, I have already been down that path on your behalf and am more than willing to help you avoid the same mistakes, while capitalizing on those things that will surely help you grow.

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A bit about my personal life...


From one small business owner to another, I know how important it is to get to know and trust anyone that you work with. Part of that trust comes from knowing who I am not only as a professional, but as a person. This is my story.

sales and marketing consultant

I am an avid golfer with a single digit handicap. (yes I play Srixon Gold)






I have dedicated over 22 years to the study of jazz and blues guitar.


My wife of 10 years, Luciana, is from Brazil. We dated long distance before she made the decision to move to the U.S.



After being married for a few years, Luciana moved to Chicago to pursue her dream of becoming a Dentist in the United States. She now practices full time as an associate at two practices.


There are lots of guitars I could choose to play. I choose Martin Guitars because they are so good, they make me sound like I know what I am doing.




I have been to Brazil 11 times and am always looking forward to my next trip.




My son Anthony was born on May 5th 2012, the best day of my life.


His birth inspired me to renew my focus, and work even harder to make Otimo a successful company.

My family means the world to me. My motivation comes from a strong desire to give my wife and son a good life.



They inspire everything I do, including working night and day to help my clients reach their goals.




He is pretty inspiring, isn't he?



You face an intensely competitive environment.  The stakes are high. You will either develop your business, or you won't practice your profession on your own.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss your situation and share ideas. 

You can contact me directly or fill out the form to the right to schedule some time to talk. My email is vmessina@otimollc.com




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