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Get More from Your Investments in Sales and Marketing

Our clients all share one thing in common. They want to achieve breakthrough growth. 

If you are a new business, you hire us to hit the ground running. If you are an established business, you hire us because you want to achieve better results. 

You might just need a better plan. You might need help executing your plan. We can do both.


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What people say about us

"If you are looking for a quality, trustworthy marketing consultant; then speak with Vincent Messina of Otimo.  A professional with high integrity and heeps of knowledge about online marketing."

Dr. Janice Spada, DMD

“I met Vin when while working with a small nonprofit organization in my district. He was volunteering his time to help the group get some exposure. Over time, and on separate occasions, Vin and I collaborated on projects that helped me get better at engaging the business owners in my district. He has some creative ideas and brings a fresh look to how a Superintendent can work with and engage the community.”

Robert Tremblay, Superintendent of Schools

“We knew, in order to achieve our firms growth objectives, we needed a different approach to sales and marketing, but really didn’t know where to begin. We made the decision to hire Otimo because we realized our expertise is in accounting, not sales and marketing. The results have been amazing."  

Ann Irons, CPA

"If I had a team and Vin ever wanted to join me, I would hire him immediately knowing that he can quickly achieve trusted advisor status in an account and can deliver the revenue."

Mike Baker, Application sales, Oracle USA

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